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  • New machine for flyknit shoes

    2018-05-22 19:22:29
    New machine for flyknit shoes

    It is known that it is quite different of the making way for shoes and garments. Garments request for knitting or stitching only.However,there are a lot of procedure for shoe making.Especially for...

  • Production Procedure

    2018-04-17 10:02:30
    Production Procedure

    Material arrive in warehouse Material Cutting for upper parts They are stitching the upper The shoes are under lasting and assembling...... The shoes has been checking quality and...

  • Re: US client wants to repeat order for our sneakers

     Our US client wants to repeat order for our sneakers.Although the style is very old still popular. After few days of the goods arriving, the US client is asking for repeat. However, the exchange...

  • Training of athletic shoes market

    2017-05-28 18:24:13
    Training of athletic shoes market

     We are always learning about new knowledge. On May 26th,2017, our business department went to quanzhou to learn how to work athletic shoes market. The training class is from famous teacher Jamal...

  • Marketing of sport shoes

    2017-04-08 00:10:00
    Marketing of sport shoes

     We join a marketing lesson of flyknit running shoes.Learn the tricks of internet marketing. Flyknit running shoes class

  • Do you know your joggers?

    2015-09-13 17:02:38

    Do you know how many miles your running shoes or joggers have on them, or why your feet are suddenly starting to bother you? Contact us for more details.

  • RE: Salary for shoemaker in China

    2014-11-19 09:55:09

    According to data from 2003 to 2013, the Chinese shoemaking workers wages increased by about 3.5 times, and the yuan central parity rate against the dollar gained more than 30%, plus other costs rise,...