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Leather sneakers import from China manufacturer

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Plow into the Chinese market! SKECHERS debuts at the 3rd CIIE

Experience the quality of life in a comfortable way

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Recently, the 3rd China International Import Expo ("CIIE") kicked off in Shanghai, once again focusing on global attention. Sports famous footwear brand SKECHERS unveiled new products and technologies. This year's CIIE has set up a special committee for the sports and comfort shoes industry. Skechers has become a member of this committee, and will continue to practice corporate social responsibility and promote the popularization of the concept of "healthy life".

With the theme of "Better Life, Comfortable Start", the Skechers booth this time.Hopes that more people can exercise at any time in their lives and feel the beautiful changes that leather sneakers bring to their lives. For the second time at the CIIE, Skechers presented the top technology and the most interactive experience to the visitors.

Make a breakthrough, Skechers is confident and deeply plowing the Chinese market.

Despite the impact of the epidemic this year, Skechers still opens offline physical stores of loafers for women with domestic partners.They all demonstrate Skechers' great confidence in the Chinese market.

Skechers’ lifestyle and leisure products are also quite diverse. The diversified products are combined with the daily lives of ordinary consumers, reflecting the diversified use of Skechers’ casual lifestyle shoes,Casual shoes for women. The Skechers Lifestyle USA series, will completely subvert the imagination of sports brand products. This series is both fashionable, comfortable and formal, with taste and quality online at the same time, and can be kept alive on all occasions. 

Enjoying the technology and fashion of Skechers, the children's products of Skechers are also full of surprises. The upgraded version of Skechers Ice Lights ice lamp series meets the willful needs of cute babies-at the booth. The seven-color flashing lights of the ice lamp series interact with the product through inductive switches. When consumers pick up the product, the rainbow on the product and the booth will meet The lights flash at the same time, which fully reflects the product's sense of technology and the characteristics of light-up shoes.

With new technologies, new products and new ideas, SKECHERS brings more energy and light points to the prosperous expo. Skechers will also strive to create more comfortable and higher-quality sports and leisure footwear products for Chinese consumers through continuous optimization of products, and continue to bring consumers a positive attitude towards life.

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