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Shoe Factory Anti-Mold Plan

Views: 19     Author: Lynn Wu     Publish Time: 2021-03-28      Origin: Quanzhou Xuanfeng Footwear Co.,Ltd

Shoe Factory Anti-Mold Plan

Part One: Factory environment

A: The room is cleaned every 6 months:

1. All working areas and storage areas must be cleaned every six months. When cleaning, please use medical disinfectants to clean walls, floors, ceilings, fans, and machinery and equipment (internal and external. Please use medical disinfectants safely and comply with medical disinfectants. Supplier’s safe operation guide to prevent work-related accidents

2. Please clean the factory thoroughly at the beginning of the year (February 1st, the rainy season (April 1st) and August 1st or after the factory is flooded

3. Please use 5% bleach to clean the floor, conveyor belt, and packing table every day. Do not reuse the towels before they have been washed and bleached

4. Clean the drainage system regularly to ensure smooth drainage. No stagnant water is allowed.


Clean the grass around factory.

Part Two:Shoe material warehouse:

1.All shoes materials:upper,outsole,box,carton should be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse,and placed on a pallet 5 inches above the ground.

2.Materials can not be stored in mold place.

3.Test the humidity regularly.

4.Materials first in and first out.

5.Use enough fan in warehouse.

6.Cover the plastic film on material to avoid dust.

7.Keep them dry and 60CM far away from window.

8.Close window and make up the one which in damage.

Part three: Assembling and manufacturing process:

1. All shoes should be sprayed AEM5700 Antifungal agent except white color shoe upper or light color PU and PVC shoes.

2. The materials should be dry after assembling.

3. Packing after all the materials have been cool down.  

4.Except vulcanized shoes, all other shoes can not use cotton stitching line. Because the cotton easy to be mold.

5. All the genuine leather,  especially pig skin,suede leather,cow suede leather should be used antifungal agent.

6.Each pair should not more than 8g AEM5700.

7.After AEM5700, the shoes should be baked in the oven.3minutes at 70℃ or 5minutes at 65℃.

8.All children shoes,sport shoes,work shoes and trekking shoes, the lining should be sprayed  AEM5700.

9.Enough fans to make air circulation.

Part four: upper warehouse:

Make air circulation.

Part five: Package

1. All packages,innerbox and wrappaper should be dry before packing.

2. Micro-pak inside innerbox for anti-mold.

3.UV sterilization is used at the end of the packaging line. All footwear products, shoe boxes, and wrapping paper must be dried in a drying oven at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius for at least 3 minutes before packaging. More than 3 minutes for better results.

Packing worker attention:

1.Keep uniform clean.

2.Do not wear gloves in cotton.

3.Keep hands clean,watch as often as possible,especially when you left your position and back,must wash your hands.

Part six: Finished shoes warehouse

Same as above part two.

Part seven:

1.Gurantee the container or truck clean,dry and no leakage before loading.

2. If you use a coverless truck to transport, please ensure that the goods are covered with thick plastic tarps after loading.

3. Avoid using trucks or containers that have shipped natural fabrics or other highly moldy items.

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